Original Mex-Raeli Cuisine

Falafel Taco

Falafel Taco

Falafel Taco was inspired by the belief that food should be passionate rather than indifferent. This lifestyle encourages pursuing what makes you happy and gaining satisfaction from doing things the right way. We believe in fresh food created with this passion, made from scratch using real ingredients.

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Delicious, Very refreshing to finally find a place that hits all the right notes! Flavor, cleanliness, family owned restaurant. Rosy made me feel welcoming, so friendly and informative about the menu.
I recommend it and definitely be coming back 😃

-Ann A.


Very cool and tasty food! I love the unique Israeli-Mexican blend! My order is always correct & cooked to perfection. Owners are so sweet and hard workers. They also are very accommodating with the new social distancing rules! Can’t wait to come back for more!

-Camilla S.


I’ve been in twice so far. Once I popped in for falafels with my daughter, and the other time I picked up takeout. Everything we’ve tried on the menu has been delicious! I love the fusion concept. The owner is very kind, always remembering to ask if we want sauces, utensils, etc. I love that it’s kosher and vegan-friendly! I highly recommend everyone give it a try for lunch, dinner, or catering!

-Elise A.


Great food-fusion place with a cozy atmosphere in the heart of the shopping district featuring an engaging owner/chef; we equally enjoyed the conversation and the cuisine. Even though we have many falafel/Mideastern restaurants in South Florida, we five liked the dishes so much we want him to open a place down here. Bon appetit!

-J.P. Winograd